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In 2008 the Dutch Occupational Therapist Josien Boomgaard and specialist in ergonomy Nico Knibbe have made a case study on the use of the VENDLET HC-2 turning system. The VENDLET HC-2 turning system was implemented with five clients and the result of the implementation of the system is described in a study. Before conducting the study the following assumptions of the benefits of using an automatic patient turning system were:

  • less physical strain of the care providers,
  • more quality of care and life,
  • lower risk of decubitus,
  • increased productivity.

The study confirmed all of the assumptions.

Physical strain:

By using the VENDLET system it is possible:

  • to postpone the need for professional care
  • for age care providers to continue carrying out care tasks

Quality of care and life

  • Clients are happier in bed
  • Less pain and use of fewer painkillers
  • Safety and support from the high edge of the sides of VENDLET system

When the process of turning the client is done utilizing the VENDLET system rather than handling the client manually, the client has a much better experience with less pain.

With the VENDLET system, it is possible to prevent or slow down the risk of decubitus because turning in bed is easier and less painful which means that the turning of the client happens more frequently.


Using the VENDLET system saves time. The care providers can do their job in less time, which means they can visit more patients in the same period of time. The study shows savings from $10,000 AUD up to $30,000.00 AUD pr. year.

The study made on the old system

Be aware that this study is based on the original VENDLET HC-2 system which was taken off the market in 2011. The VENDLET HC-2 has been replaced by the much improved VENDLET V5 system, which offers must easier operations and is much more intuitive in use.

However, the study is still very relevant when considering the VENDLET V5, but expect the suggested improvement on productivity to be an absolute minimum as the VENDLET V5 is much more efficient in use.

To read more on the case study we have attached the link below for your convenience:

Knibbe, N. og Boomgaard, J. 2008: Draaibed 24/7

If you would like to find out more about the VENDLET V5 system, feel free to call or email us directly at HLS Healthcare, we look forward to speaking with you.