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Hygiene is a common concern for patients in all clinical contexts

With HLS Healthcare’s moving and handling equipment, you can maximise the efficiency of hygiene procedures, while keeping the risk to both handlers and patients to a minimum.

Maintaining hygiene is crucial to the ongoing well being of patients and individuals with mobility issues. Additionally, the right hygiene procedures can also reduce the risk of skin issues and other concerns during hospitalisation and long-term care.

For hospitalised patients in all clinical contexts, it is essential to focus on the quality of personal hygiene.

Maintaining hygiene is important in relation not only to the general well-being of the patient but also in preventing skin issues or other complications during hospitalisation.

Guldmann Hoists and disposable slings from HLS Healthcare can give you more control when it come to giving patients the support they need. We make it easier to give your patients the support and care they deserve, whether you’re dealing with wound treatment or general day-to-day hygiene. 

Common care and hygiene tasks:

  • Moving to or from a bathroom environment
  • Managing bodily hygiene for bedridden patients
  • Positioning bedpans under patients
  • Undressing and dressing patients
  • Wound and skin treatment
  • ADL support

Transform your Care Environment

In many cases, it can be challenging to help patients carry out crucial hygiene tasks – particularly when they are unable to move themselves. A patient’s medical condition can have a serious impact on their motor capabilities, placing a lot of pressure on a care provider to help that person complete their daily hygiene routine.

The right moving and handling apparatus from HLS Healthcare will ensure that care providers can give their patients the dignity and comfort that they deserve when cleaning and grooming themselves. They can even simplify the process of going to the bathroom or bathing. Additionally, because lifts and hoists remove much of the physical strain from the care provider, there’s less risk of strain or occupational injury.

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