The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Medical Equipment

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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Medical Equipment

To help you in making your medical equipment decision, we have laid out for you the ultimate guide to selecting disability equipment suppliers. These tips can help you in your efforts to make patients more comfortable and to reduce the risk of strain for those who care for them.

Step 1. Experience is absolutely critical when selecting medical equipment. In this industry, nothing beats experience. Look for suppliers who have been in the healthcare industry for a long time. This means that they have developed their skills and knowledge over the years. This also means that they have a proven reputation, A long history of success and growth means happy customers have returned. Most likely, they have also told their friends and colleagues about their positive experience.

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Step 2. Do your homework, sometimes it pays to get a referral from someone who has done a similar fit-out to what you are trying to achieve. In the healthcare industry news of faults and unhappy clients travels. Those who work in aged care or rehabilitation clinics know first-hand what quality standards their equipment needs to be, and a disability equipment supplier without a proven track record is not worth the investment.

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Step 3: Customer Service, in 2018 for any business to be a success they must go above and beyond with amazing customer service. First impressions of your initial interaction with your shortlisted disability equipment suppliers will give you an insight into how much care they will put into training and after-sale support. As a dedicated provider of complete disability equipment solutions, at HLS Healthcare we are committed to giving our clients and their teams everything they need to be successful.

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Step 4: Look for the point of difference, if you can’t find this yourself feel free to call your shortlist and ask. When it comes to disability equipment you want to be looking for a supplier that goes above and beyond to find the world’s best healthcare solutions. Like the Elsi Smart Floor. HLS Healthcare travels the world to bring you the most innovative disability healthcare solutions to improve the quality of life of the disabled community in Australia.

Step 5: Know when to invest and when to cut costs. This requires a bit of time and research. When it comes to disability equipment. Opting out of quality products can be dangerous for both the patient and the carer. Something which also needs to be considered is the average lifespan of the product. Often we find investments in quality slings like the ones from Guldmann will be a bit more of an investment upfront but will save money over the lifetime of the hoist.

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Step 6: Understand your options and know what you want. Understanding the different types of solutions and customisations can help you make the best long term solution. Questions you will need to consider include;

  • How often will I need to use this equipment?
  • Do I need to consider hygiene and disposable options?
  • Do I have space limits that need to be considered?
  • Should I consider having equipment customised?
  • Is the equipment going to be used by one person or many?

Often people are surprised to learn how many medical equipment options are available. If you would like to find out more about the options available at HLS Healthcare please contact us today on 1300 931 89.