Everything You Need to Know About Nurse Call Systems in Australia

nurse call system

Nurse call systems play a crucial part in the aged care environment. Allowing patients can get the high quality of support they need. The rise of technology in aged care is evident. Everything from automatic patient hoisting systems and monitoring tools, to nurse call systems has advanced. Allowing people to call for help when they need it most.

For decades, nurse call systems have played a critical role in ensuring that patients with healthcare needs can reach medical professionals when they need assistance. These tools send alerts to nurses and other healthcare professionals remotely. In the past, nurse call systems have been relatively simple.

Providing nothing more than an alert or notification to a nursing team when a button is pressed at the end of a hospital bed. However, now that technology is beginning to evolve. A better quality of care is resulting in aged care.

The Rise of Intelligent Nurse Call Systems in Australia

One of the most significant changes in nurse call system technology came in the rise of “IP” devices.These tools use the internet protocol to send requests for assistance more efficiently than traditional machines. Many hospitals support IP call systems as part of an integrated healthcare system. This allows for a host of information to be sent instantly from beds and wards. Intelligent IP-based nurse calling systems combine call systems and nursing documentation in a single device. This means that when they’re rushing to support a patient, healthcare professionals can access crucial contextual information. Innovative nurse call systems, like the “NurseCare” solution from Eurotronik, can also integrate seamlessly into the existing nurse call services. This means that facilities can build on top of their current investments with advanced technology.

Transforming Nurse Calling Software and Technology

Through state-of-the-art IP technology, nurse call systems can deliver more advanced opportunities.

The NurseCare solution from Eurotronik comes with access to a revolutionary IP touch display. This allows nurses to quickly and conveniently track information like:

  • Which members of staff are registered for a room?
  • When members of staff were present in the room and how long they stayed there
  • Which services were provided?

Users can even access all the information they need about a nurse calling system through their smartphone through an intelligent mobile app.

This combination of new technology means that healthcare professionals can deliver faster and more effective forms of support.