How Can a Nurse Call Systems Benefit an Aged Care Facility?

Nurse Call System Aged Care

Nurse call systems are crucial within hospitals, care homes, and other aged care facilities.

They allow patients to communicate with their care providers when they need them most.

For example when patients are bed-bound or unable to move.

Nurse call systems are an early warning system that sends an alert directly to a carer when a resident needs medical assistance.

These solutions allow nurses to react quickly and effectively in emergencies.

They also give healthcare professionals a better overview of their facility.

Many of today’s most advanced call systems also come with mobile applications.

These tools allow nurses to keep a close watch on what’s going on.

Nurse call systems are standard in:

  • Hospices
  • Residential care homes
  • Medical clinics
  • Hospitals

When the above locations have a nurse call system in place. They can ensure that they have a system in place to guarantee patient safety.

This provides peace of mind to people in virtually any environment.

What are the Benefits of a Nurse Call System?

Nurse call systems have long been a beneficial piece of equipment for the healthcare environment. However, as technology continues to evolve and new versions of these solutions appear on the market, the call system is quickly becoming indispensable to aged care.

Through wireless connections managed over IP (Internet Protocol), aged care facilities can ensure that their nurses and staff members are consistently connected. What’s more, they provide that patients always have access to the support they need. Some of the benefits of nurse call systems include:

  • Quick response: Nurse call systems ensure that patients have access to quick and timely care in an emergency. Alerts can be sent directly to medical professionals in real-time, reducing the risk of serious repercussions from accidents. Nurse call systems can even come with wearable monitors that automatically alert nurses when a patient is unable to press a button themselves.
  • Discrete support: When a patient finds themselves in a difficult situation, they can use a nurse call system to request help without making too much noise. This can reduce embarrassment for people in aged care who might otherwise feel uncomfortable asking for help.
  • Reduced costs: Nurse call systems are a highly cost-effective solution when it comes to monitoring the wellbeing of patients. They ensure that nurses don’t have to spend their time continually checking in on the same patients when they could be doing more meaningful work.

Making the Most of Nurse Call Systems

Today, nurse call systems are becoming increasingly more impressive and intuitive thanks to the rise of new technology. Wearables and sensors can automatically send alerts to nurses when patients need help, while digital displays and mobile devices are available to track facility performance.

As a care home and hospice environments continue to search for new ways of providing their clients and patients with high-quality support, nurse call systems could be a crucial step forward in aged care facilities.


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