One thing is for sure – not all Fall Detection systems are the same

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Technology in healthcare seems to advance at light speed. As providers look to improve efficiencies and reduce costs one thing is for sure – not all fall detection solutions are the same. Why? Let’s take a look…

In the Aged Care industry, there are many different solutions. There are sensors positioned in the corners of the ceiling, portable sensors and even dementia oriented systems. They all have the ability to inform staff when and where there is a fall .. but is that all? Providers want more than this. Providers need more than this.

When we speak to Aged Care providers, the important box they all seem to want ‘ticked’ is the one that ensures they have the ability to adjust the alarms depending on resident behaviour or changing clinical needs. Many products being offered to aged care providers can monitor and do some ‘okay’ things, but is ‘okay’ enough? A fall detection system needs to offer a holistic or complete solution; one that not only supports residents, it also supports staff by increasing their quality care time. It also needs to align with Quality Standards, and that is why we encourage providers to consider the Elsi Smart Floor .

Elsi Smart Floor technology turns reactive care into proactive care with a review and assessment playback method. Imagine – you are a manager or RN. You walk in to work in the morning, click open the Elsi Smart Floor system on your computer and you can view a replay of all movement of all residents that occurred over the previous night. You will know straight away if any resident had a fall, or who was up all-night walking around their room or even visited the bathroom more than they perhaps would normally do at night.  You not only have revision functionality, you have an assessment and preventative care tool. Potentially life-saving tools. Elsi provides this information within minutes so management and RN’s can more effectively manage the safety of the residents.

You can read more on the Elsi Smart Floor on the HLS website, and you can review how our products align with the Quality Standards for aged care at Umbrella‘s new quality standards assessment and support website.

Or you can download the new Quality Standards assessment of the Elsi Smart Floor conducted by Umbrella: HLS Healthcare – Aged Care Quality Standards – Elsi Smart Floor – 2020

Blog by Anthony Cantor.