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HLS Healthcare provides patient lifting equipment, including mobile floor hoists, standing hoists & manual handling equipment.

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At HLS Healthcare, our patient lifting machines, hoists, and accessories provide today’s healthcare providers and caregivers with the support they need. After all, moving and handling can be a complicated process in any environment. Patient lifts need to be designed with a focus on safety and comfort to keep unnecessary risks and injury to a minimum.

A Market-Leading Range of Patient Lifting Solutions

To bring you the peace of mind you need to run a successful company, protect your patients, or even just help a loved one in need, we’ve scoured the market for the products care providers rely on. Our catalogue of hoist and patient lifting options come with access to the latest innovative technology and meet the highest of health and safety standards.

We can help today’s organisations find the tools they need to reduce occupational hazards and improve patient welfare one lift at a time. Our team specialises in:

  • Gait training
  • Moves in and around the bed
  • Mobile floor hoists
  • Standing hoists
  • Manual handling equipment
  • Ceiling hoists
  • Innovative lifting accessories

Patient Lifting Machines & Equipment with a Ceiling Hoist

Designed to support care provider safety and patient comfort, the carefully curated selection of patient lifting machines and equipment from HLS Healthcare is second to none. With devices from some of the most well-respected and reliable brands globally, we always deliver the best.

This makes it possible to perform more challenging exercises – and more of them.

Hoist-assisted lifting as a part of rehabilitation programmes can be used at all mobility levels, and paves the way for flexible, closely targeted training adapted to suit the functional capabilities of the individual user.

Hoists and Slings

The following are products we deem would greatly improve the operation of your healthcare facility.

Guldmann Slings


Ceiling Hoists

Guldmann GH1

Guldmann Slings

Basic Low

Guldmann Slings

Walking Sling

Ceiling Hoists

Guldmann GH3

Guldmann Floor Hoists

GL5.2 Mobile Lifter

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