Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems in Hospital Environments

Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems in Hospital Environments

HLS healthcare doesn’t just provide you with equipment supplies, it provides solutions to make your job easier.  The Guldmann Sling and Hoist ranges are specifically designed to provide healthcare professionals with a complete solution. These products are designed to match the current needs of health providers today as well as aligned with the functionality requirements of tomorrow.

Guldmann Ceiling Lift Instruction: Lifting and Moving from Bed to Bathroom

A very important part of mobilisation following an illness, procedure or extended bed rest is to transition from bed to bathroom. Improving this functional movement can be difficult for the patient and it requires excessive physical demand on staff when providing manual only assistance.

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Guldmann Ceiling Lift Instruction: Operating Room

The positioning sling system makes it possible to easily turn the patient to prone position on e.g. the operation table. Using the sling together with the ceiling hoist prevents shear force and friction on the patient’s skin and improves the working environment for the care staff.

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Guldmann Sling Instruction: Custom Amputee Sling on/off in Wheelchair

Remember to check that the wheels are locked.

  • Place the Sling between the back of the wheelchair and the patient, and place the leg supports along the thighs
  • When placing the leg supports, always start where the amputation is done / is shortest
  • Ask the patient to lean to the opposite side before placing the leg support under both the thighs
  • Let the patient lean from side to side when placing the leg support
  • Check that the straps are placed correctly on the hanger

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Guldmann Sling Instruction: Basic High Sling on/off in Bed

  • Activate the patient and ask her to participate as much as she can – remember the natural pattern of movement
  • Make sure that the centreline of the slings follows the spine of the patient
  • Pass the leg straps under the thighs one leg at a time
  • Use a flat hand to do this
  • Before lifting profile the bed, and make sure the straps are placed correctly in the lifting hanger
  • When removing the sling let the fabric glide against fabric

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Guldmann Ceiling Lift Instruction: Exercise Machine over the Hospital Bed

Hospitalisation often entails periods of bed rest lasting many hours a day. The consequences of physical inactivity include muscle atrophy, reduced physical condition, increased risk of bed sores, venous thrombosis and blood clots, to name a few.

Older patients are at a high risk of suffering reduced functional abilities as a result of physical inactivity during hospitalisation, which can result in a reduced quality of life.

Maintaining the patient’s functional abilities will significantly minimise the various risks as well as benefit the personnel, as the patient becomes more self-sufficient and the workload is lightened.

But what can you do to activate and train weakened and bed bound hospital patients?

By combining a ceiling-mounted hoist, an elastic training band and the GH Positioning Lock, it is now possible to set up something akin to an exercise machine in the patient’s hospital room.

Depending on which elastic band is selected, it is possible to train strength and endurance in the upper and lower body.

You can also perform support training through e.g. pelvic lifts or use the equipment to support the upper body through abdominal exercises.

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At HLS Healthcare, our focus is on improving quality of life. Find out what our hoist solutions could do for you today. If you have any questions about ceiling hoist solutions for the disabled or any of our health care solutions please contact us directly on 1300 931 893

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