Practical Solutions to Healthcare Problems Part 2

Practical Solutions to Healthcare Problems Part 2

Practical Solutions to Healthcare Problems Part 2

When it comes to all our Guldmann range, all our products are designed to be combined, varied and used in a wide range of different ways, paving the way to effective solutions for tackling virtually all lifting and moving needs.

Guldmann Sling Instruction: Active Trainer Balance and Gait Training

Activate the patient and ask her to participate as much as she can

– Remember the natural pattern of movement
– Let the patient sit on the bedside /wheelchair/ chair when putting on the sling
-Use the leg strap if needed
– Attach the lifting straps first and the tightening straps
– Make sure the tightening straps are not too tight
– If the patient has unsteady balance then remember to attach the leg straps
– When the patient is standing, remember to check if its necessary to re tighten the straps

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Guldmann Sling Instruction: Kid Basic Basic Sling on/off in wheelchair

Remember to check that the wheels are locked

– Place the sling between the back of the wheelchair and the patient, 
– Then place the leg supports along the thighs
– Push the sling to the top of the cushion

Guldmann Sling Instruction: Gait Trainer Bariatric.

– Activate the patient and ask her to participate as much she can – remember the natural pattern of movement

– Place the gait trainer on the bedside / training bench

– Place the patient on the Gait Trainer and remove the sling

– Click the buckles together on each side and tighten the straps

– Before lifting, check that the straps are placed correctly on the hanger

– When the patient is standing, remember to check if it is necessary to tighten the straps again

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Guldmann Ceiling Hoist Operating Room: Preparation for Side Positioning:

– If a positioning bolster will be used during the procedure, place the multi-support sling under the operating room turning sling before it is placed on the operating room table.

– The open side of the sling must be on the patients “sick” side.

– Unfold the sling onto the table with the white side of the sling facing upwards.

– Center the sling indicated by the stitching at the center top and bottom of the sling.

– Secure the sling to the operating table by fixing the elastic bands under each corner of the table.

Guldmann Sling Instruction: Custom Sit-On High Sling on/off in bed

The Sling can only be attached in a lying / horizontal position – ensure the sling is correctly centred according to the patient’s spine.

– Before lifting; position the bed into “sitting position” if possible
– Make sure to lock the two safety straps
– Before lifting check that the straps are correctly on the hanger and the patient is seated correctly in the sling

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Guldmann Ceiling Lift: Lifting of leg – patient lying on the side

The situation illustrates a hygiene / skin care situation of the back and of the groin area and where the patient can hold himself in a side-lying position using two Multi-Support slings

Using the guldmann ceiling hoist to safely perform hygiene tasks in bed.

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