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Ropox Accessible Kitchen Systems

Reduce kitchen falls and maximize independence without sacrificing style

Our Ropox Accessible Kitchen Systems offer our customers a flexible kitchen solution to compensate for a reduced physical ability, which in turn allows them a small piece of independence. We aim to develop and manufactured products assisting people with disabilities to obtain an independent life.

Over the past 25 years we have acquired comprehensive knowledge and experience in the development of flexible, height-adjustable kitchen systems offering the elderly and disabled people this opportunity. Most kitchens aren’t properly designed for wheelchairs which scarifies Independence and comfort. Cooking and the ability to eat is a fundamental need, by fitting your kitchen with Ropox Accessible Kitchen Systems you can help reduce Kitchen falls and maximize independence without sacrificing style.


If you are a caregiver, the installation of a 4 single table, KitFrame Diagonal, KitFrame Flexi, Kit Frame Hot and Cold or Kit Frame VertiElectric can help transform your home so you can offer the best care to your elderly parent, or family members living with a disability.

The benefits of Ropox Accessible Kitchen Systems include:

  • To help people with reduced physical ability to be more independent and to improve, everyday life and self-esteem.
  • To make investment in the product economically attractive – in terms of both space-saving (fewer square metres) and fewer care resources.
  • To give carers a better working day with a better working environment and fewer days off sick.

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Kitchen Worktops


Kitchen Worktops


Kitchen Worktops


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ROPOX Accessible Kitchen Systems

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Kitchen Upper Cabinets