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ROPOX Table Systems

Custom-made for seniors and people with mobility disabilities

The ROPOX table range features reliable, durable, flexible, and ergonomic tables with electrical/manual height adjustment and tilting capability. ROPOX tables make everyday life better for patients and caretakers alike, reducing strain and risk of injury.

ROPOX Tables are for Everyone

Regardless of age or physical capability, the ROPOX table range has everyone covered. The tables come in many shapes and sizes, and the models with height adjustment ensure that they can be used by both adults and children, and they are suitable for both seated and standing users.

ROPOX tables are more than just a table. They enable users to do more on their own, and the independence they bring makes everyday life easier and better for both patients and caretakers. The diverse table range can be combined in numerous ways to match different needs and preferences.

  • Increased independence: due to the many features and flexible design
  • Greater reliability: ROPOX tables are safe and sturdy, and all models comply with industry standards
  • Increased safety: automatic safety stop prevents crushing injuries
  • Suitable for many purposes: ROPOX tables can be used in homes, workplaces, schools, training sessions, and meetings

ROPOX Table Systems

4single Table Frame

ROPOX Table Systems


ROPOX Table Systems


ROPOX Table Systems


ROPOX Table Systems


ROPOX Table Systems


ROPOX Table Systems


ROPOX Table Systems

Vision Group Table

ROPOX Table Systems

Vision Table Manual

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