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ROPOX Toilet Accessories

Our ROPOX Toilet Accessories offer our customers a flexible bathroom solution to compensate for a reduced physical ability, which in turn allows them a small piece of independence. We aim to develop and manufactured products assisting people with disabilities to obtain an independent life.

Visiting the bathroom is a fairly routine task for most people, but people with disabilities or those recovering from surgery can sometimes find it challenging to do what others take for granted. To aid those who need extra support or accessibility in the bathroom, there are options to consider that can reduce falls, improve patient comfort, and reduce the burden on carers in aged care centers.

Create Independence
Without Sacrificing Style

Most bathrooms aren’t properly designed for wheelchairs which sacrifices Independence and comfort. By fitting your bathroom with ROPOX Toilet Accessories you can help reduce bathroom falls and maximize independence without sacrificing style. If you are a caregiver, the installation of a changing table/shower bed, shower seat with leg, toilet support or wash basin can help transform your home so you can offer the best care to your elderly parent, or family members living with a disability.

The benefits of ROPOX Toilet Accessories include:
  • Products are ergonomically, strong and provide extra support during washing, using the toilet and bathing.
  • The ability to help people with a reduced physical ability to be more independent and to improve, everyday life and self-esteem
  • The ability to give carers a better working day with a better working environment

ROPOX Toilet Accessories

Change Table

ROPOX Toilet Accessories

Shower Seat with Leg

ROPOX Toilet Accessories

Toilet Support Bars

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ROPOX sets a whole new level of standard in aged care

The Village by Scalabrini

Through a unique partnership with HLS Healthcare, Hansen Yuncken & Scalabrini Aged Care Village – a residential aged care community located in New South Wales is setting a new standard when it comes to the use of technology in aged care settings.

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Horton House at Gordon

Executive management and product specialists from HLS Healthcare worked with the Twilight Aged Care team to design, commission and implement Horton House in Gordon; a wonderful homelike environment in a modern aged care setting.

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Everything You Need to Know About

Bathrooms for the Disabled

In this article, we’ll be explaining everything you need to know about bathrooms for the disabled, so that you or your organisation can implement the best hardware for easier, more efficient use of this common living area.

Disabled Bathroom Products

When you think of a typical bathroom, at least a few common items come to mind: the commode or toilet, the shower or bathtub, and a sink. While there are other common items like mirrors and wastebaskets, we’ll be focusing on the appliances that help users to bathe or dispel waste.


To make using the toilet as easy as possible, installing supports on either side of it is helpful for disabled persons. Toilet supports like those available from Ropox are easy to install, and can be lifted up and stowed so that they don’t interfere with movement elsewhere in the bathroom. Toilet supports are critical for many wheelchair-bound patients who need to leverage their upper body strength in order to position themselves on the toilet.

Shower Seats and Beds

Shower seats are affordable, easy to install, and useful tools to aid disabled persons in the shower. Thanks to the sturdy construction of the Ropox shower seats available from HLS Healthcare, users weighing up to 150 kilograms can safely use the seat. Being able to sit down while showering requires less energy compared to standing, and it allows carers to attend to patients with help if needed.

There are also shower beds available for patients who cannot manage a sitting position. These products are height-adjustable, and can be installed in very little time.

Sinks and Washbasins for bathrooms for the disabled

A key feature of accessible sinks in the ability to swivel them out of the way when they’re not needed. The accessible washbasin from HLS healthcare can be easily relocated to move out of the way of the patient, making movement to and from the sink easier. What’s more, the sink can be accessed from both sides and the front, giving the user more positioning options as they make their approach to the sink.

Beyond the Basics of Bathrooms for the Disabled

In addition to the products listed above, there are also some exciting, high-tech solutions available for installation in the bathroom. By combining accessible wash basins, toilets, and showering areas, virtually any bathroom can be made to be more usable by those with disabilities.

To inquire about how HLS Healthcare can assist you in your design of accessible bathrooms, contact us today on 1300 931 893.