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ROPOX Toilet Accessories

The ROPOX range of toilet accessories offers flexible bathroom solutions to users with reduced physical capability, providing them a more independent and dignified healthcare experience.

Visiting the bathroom is a fairly routine task for most people, but people with limited mobility or those recovering from surgery can sometimes find it challenging to do what others take for granted. To aid those who need extra support or accessibility in the bathroom, there are options to consider that can reduce falls, improve patient comfort, and reduce the burden on carers in aged care centers.

Create Independence Without Sacrificing Style

Most bathrooms aren’t properly designed for wheelchairs, and this affects the independence and comfort of users. With ROPOX Toilet Accessories bathroom falls are prevented and independence is maximised without sacrificing style. 

Benefits of ROPOX Toilet Accessories include:
  • Bathroom accessories that are ergonomically strong and provide extra support during washing, toilet use, and bathing.
  • The ability to help people with a reduced physical ability to be more independent, improving their overall quality of life.
  • The ability to give carers a more efficient and comfortable working environment.

ROPOX Toilet Accessories

Change Table

ROPOX Toilet Accessories

Shower Seat with Leg

ROPOX Toilet Accessories

Toilet Support Bars

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For further information or to discuss available options, please feel free to get in touch with the HLS Healthcare team by calling 1300 931 893 or filling out the contact form below. Our product specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HLS Healthcare answers common queries about ROPOX's toilet accessories

How can you make a standard bathroom into an accessible bathroom?

To make using the toilet as easy as possible, installing supports on either side of it is helpful for someone with limited mobility. Toilet supports like those available from ROPOX are easy to install, and can be lifted up and stowed so that they don’t interfere with movement elsewhere in the bathroom. Toilet supports are critical for many wheelchair-bound patients to position themselves on the toilet.

What products can you buy to assist someone with limited mobility with showering/ hygiene tasks?

Shower seats are affordable, easy to install, and useful tools to aid disabled persons in the shower. Thanks to the sturdy construction of the ROPOX shower seats available from HLS Healthcare, users weighing up to 150 kilograms can safely use the seat. There are also adult change tables available for patients who cannot manage a sitting position. These products are height-adjustable, and can be installed in very little time.

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Shower Seat

Toilet Support Arms

Shower and Change Table

See ROPOX's Bathroom Aids in Action

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