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Ropox Accessible Bathroom Systems

Reduce bathroom falls and maximize independence without sacrificing style

Our Ropox Accessible Bathroom Systems offer our customers a flexible bathroom solution to compensate for a reduced physical ability, which in turn allows them a small piece of independence. We aim to develop and manufactured products assisting people with disabilities to obtain an independent life.

Most bathrooms aren’t properly designed for wheelchairs which scarifies Independence and comfort. By fitting your bathroom with Ropox Accessible Bathroom Systems you can help reduce bathroom falls and maximize independence without sacrificing style. If you are a caregiver, the installation of a changing table/shower bed, shower seat with leg, toilet support or wash basin can help transform your home so you can offer the best care to your elderly parent, or family members living with a disability.

The benefits of Ropox Accessible Bathroom Systems include:
  • Products are ergonomically, strong and provide extra support during washing, using the toilet and bathing.
  • The ability to help people with a reduced physical ability to be more independent and to improve, everyday life and self-esteem
  • The ability to give carers a better working day with a better working environment

ROPOX Toilet Accessories

Bed Shower

ROPOX Toilet Accessories

Shower Seat with Leg

ROPOX Toilet Accessories

Toilet Supports

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ROPOX sets a whole new level of standard in aged care

The Village by Scalabrini

Through a unique partnership with HLS Healthcare, Hansen Yuncken & Scalabrini Aged Care Village – a residential aged care community located in New South Wales is setting a new standard when it comes to the use of technology in aged care settings.

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Horton House at Gordon

Executive management and product specialists from HLS Healthcare worked with the Twilight Aged Care team to design, commission and implement Horton House in Gordon; a wonderful homelike environment in a modern aged care setting.

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