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A few steps can make a huge difference or barrier for someone with limited mobility. Installing a Stepless Guilmann Lifting Platform can change some one’s life. Guldmann Stepless Lifting Platforms are intended for lifting people with reduced mobility. These platforms can make a substantial difference to a wheelchair user or a person who may not be capable of walking up and down a set of stairs.

The versatility and simplicity of platform lifts, combined with their lower price point, has meant that more companies and organisations across Australia are beginning to invest in this option over the typical stair lift or hoist. A platform lift can give people with mobility issues all the options they need for enjoying a full range of freedom within their home, or a public location.

One of the major benefit we find when people are selecting a wheel chair lifting platform in the space allowance. Our wheel chair lifting platforms are the perfect alternative to wheel chair ramps when space is not abundant.

Ultimately, platform lifts can be one of the most cost-efficient and convenient ways to install an option for people with limited mobility to be able to move between a first, and second floor. Platform lifts are a great way to ensure that wheelchair and members of the community with limited mobility are able to reach their destination with simplicity and dignity.

With Guldmann Stepless Wheelchair Lifting Platforms you can choose from a wide variety of options depending on the circumstances required.

We have the following alternatives to make your life easier:

    • Lifts for pushchairs and sack trucks.
    • Lifts over level differences of up to 3m.
    • Options available to home, business, schools or hospital facilities.
    • Can be fitted to both indoor and outdoor facilities.

Stepless Wheelchair Lifting Platforms

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Stepless Wheelchair Lifting Platforms

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Stepless Wheelchair Lifting Platforms

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Stepless Wheelchair Lifting Platforms

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Stepless Wheelchair Lifting Platforms

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Stepless Wheelchair Lifting Platforms

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