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Resident positioning systems are very important area to us at HLS. Positioning is not only of importance for the comfort and well being of bedridden people. Resident Positioning is also an important part of the healing and preventive measures. There are many situations in which resident positioning should be an area of great attention. Particularly for long-term bedridden people, people with reduced mobility, people with pressure ulcers or pressure ulcer risk, people receiving hygiene procedures in bed as well as unstable and restless people.

When resident positioning is integrated in the care for these people, it will have a major influence on the progression of their illness and their overall quality of life. Resident positioning will also have a positive impact on the care-giver’s health and safety, as the processes regarding bedridden people often will be easier to manage and handle.

Unfortunately we often experience some hesitation towards positioning; it is described as over complicated and something only experts can do. This is unfortunate because positioning does not require in-service training or specialized knowledge. Therefore, HLS wishes to partake in bringing greater attention towards positioning. One way we do this is by trying to make positioning more accessible through a series of articles.

Please head over to our blog to read our article series on resident positioning.

Vendlet Resident Positioning Systems

MANULET Bed Mobility Aids

Vendlet Resident Positioning Systems


Vendlet Resident Positioning Systems

LEJRELET Positioning Pillows

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