Amputee Sling

Here at HLS Healthcare, we’re proud to provide health and safety solutions for all environments, to suit all carers and residents. By working with leading companies like Guldmann, we can ensure that residents get the comfort and support they need. At the same time, the pioneering technology offered by these leading brands also protects the wellbeing and comfort of the care providers that go above and beyond for clients each day. 

Guldmann’s amputee slings, for instance, are designed to deliver more than just an easier job. The solutions are designed to match your current needs and address the functional requirements that you may encounter in the years to come. With Guldmann, care providers can make the most of more “time to care” when it comes to managing moving and lifting requirements across a range of healthcare environments.

The Amputee sling is designed for lifting and moving people who have had one or both legs amputated above the knee, and for lifting people who have had both legs completely removed.

  • Maximum capacity of 255 kg
  • It provides maximum support to the hips and thighs.
  • Recommended for patients with compromised hip joints and amputees
  • Made from polyester material
  • Can be used with all Guldmann ceiling hoists and mobile lifters