Basic Sling Hammock

Guldmann Ceiling Lift Systems and Guldmann slings are used in medical and assisted care situations for all varieties of patient lifting needs, from mobilisation of a single limb to a full-body repositioning. Because there are so many ways to take advantage of the comfort and convenience that slings can offer, HLS Healthcare provides a complete range of slings and patient lifting accessories.

Function :

Supports the whole body apart from the head. If head support is required, the head support can be used in conjunction with the sling.

Can be used as divided legs or as a cross over position, this also provides good support for the amputee(amputee users must be assessed for this sling).

Suitable for :

  • Lifting persons with little control over their body.
  • Lifting to and from a lying position (bed and floor etc.).
  • Lifting to and from a seated position.