Change Table

In situations where a person needs to be bathed lying down it is important that the bed can be lowered for the person to be transferred – e.g. to a wheelchair, as well as raised to a suitable working height for the carers. Optimum comfort and safety are also important.

  • Comfortable backrest: Giving good support and comfort
  • Electrical height adjustable bed 300-1000 mm – Saves time when transferring and makes for a better work environment for carers.
  • Extremely comfortable: The slats have a soft and a hard side which can be used as needed. The bed’s easy-to-clean design features removable slats.
  • Added safety – End guards and side rails can be fitted to provide extra safety for users. The see-through bed guard can be folded underneath the shower bed when not needed and for transfers
  • Space-saving: The bed can be folded up for additional space.