The incredible GH1 Ceiling Hoist is a flexible and reliable lifting module that’s easy to use for powerful, fast, and effective lifting. Designed for permanent installation, the GH1 Ceiling Hoist offers a lifting capacity of 175 – 255kg.

Intended to support a full range of day-to-day lifting needs in sheltered housing, private residencies and care homes, the GH1 Ceiling hoist takes up minimal space, and can be used with the full range of available Guldmann lifting accessories and slings.

The full Guldmann GH1 Ceiling Host system is impeccably user-friendly, and can be set up or taken down within only ten minutes. Additionally, the fully-charged lifting module can manage more than 55 lifts with 85kg of weight.

  • Meets most lifting needs and requirements
  • Lifting capacity up to 255 kg
  • User-friendly and reliable