Ceiling Track Hoist

The GH3 Track System

To make the most of hoist track systems, it makes sense for many care providers to link multiple rooms. This is particularly the case with the bathroom or washroom, as these are areas patients will be visiting multiple times in a given day. In this article, we’re explaining how to utilise a hoist track system across multiple rooms.

Planning the Hoist Path

There are a few key things to keep in mind if you’re planning a hoist path to connect multiple rooms in your facility:

  • Remember that the hoist endpoints should be situated as close as possible to areas where the patient will be spending the majority of their time. This is likely to be near the bed in the bedroom and/or near the couch or large chair in the living room or common area.
  • When connecting multiple rooms, be sure that there is significant clearance for the hoist as it moves through its travel path. This may require the relocation or removal of some furniture or fixtures. Because most care facilities are already used to providing adequate width for wheelchairs, this shouldn’t be too difficult.