The New GH3 Track System

The new GH3 Track System

Three different types of rails are available as part of the GH3 system, each specially designed to tackle particular spans and lifting weights. Combining these appropriately makes installation an easy, rapid process. The rails can be mounted on the ceiling, on walls or on supporting pillars – or any combination of these.

The unsupported span can be as much as 8 metres, depending on the combination of rail types specified and which weights the system must be capable of bearing. GH3 rails are designed to be easy to integrate into suspended ceilings. If the rails are mounted on the ceiling itself, they can be made to blend discreetly into the surroundings by the use of colour or decoration.

The ceiling hoists move near-silently along the rails using only a bare minimum of current. Transitions from one rail section to another are virtually unnoticeable, ensuring maximum comfort.

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