Lifting Platform LP50H

LP50H is the perfect choice for when you need simple and discreet solutions.
LP50H is a lifting platform with combined vertical and horizontal movement. As the lifting platform is fitted on the floor, it becomes a natural part of its surroundings and is therefore suitable for listed buildings and locations which call for aesthetic solutions.

LP50H is integrated into the floor in front of steps and is designed for permanent indoor installation. When the lifting platform is activated, the platform’s four safety edges are automatically raised, ensuring that the user does not roll over the edge. When the user is at the upper level, the safety edge at the front is automatically lowered, allowing the user to exit the platform. It is possible to customise the covering of the platform with tiles, wooden flooring and marble so that it matches the existing floor.

LP50H, with its combined vertical and horizontal movement, and LP50, which only lifts vertically are both available.