Lifting Platform LP8

LP8 comes in a simple design with glass sides and doors as standard.
LP8 is used in places where level differences of up to 3 m need to be negotiated. LP8 enables the majority of users to be self-reliant. Easy accessible operating buttons are located on the platform and control panels for both upper and lower levels are supplied. The gates open and close automatically. The LP8 is available with gates and sides in glass or perforated steel plates.


  • Lifting capacity of 350 kg
  • Lifting height up to 3 m
  • LP8 comes in an elegant design with glass sides and doors, which makes the lifting platform easy to integrate into existing environments. Glass is standard.
  • Automatic doors on the upper and lower level as standard make it easy to operate the platform
  • Can be used in the temperature range from -40°C to +50°C
  • LP8 has been approved by a notified body