Lite Ramp

Low weight – easy to transport.

Stepless Lite ramps are the absolute lightest ramps on the market due to their unique material composition consisting of glass and graphite fibers.

This special material composition offers the same characteristics as a tennis racquet: it is both light and strong.

High level of safety – easy handling

The driving surface has a non-slip covering. Stepless Lite ramps are easy to fold and unfold. The ramps have just one simple folding joint, making it easy for both users and helpers to use them. Its lightweight design (for 700 mm, the ramp weighs only 3.5 kg) also means that the ramp can be transported in the rear of a wheelchair without causing stability problems.

Stepless Lite ramps are an obvious choice for users/helpers who want minimal weight, or for the more active wheelchair user. Great for travel or a trip to town.