Active Vest – Kids

Offer them support and comfort that children need in the care environment today, with the right moving and handling equipment. Children often feel uncomfortable and scared in healthcare spaces. However, the right equipment can make the experience a lot more comforting, and even fun for the children involved. 

The Active Vest sling that we offer here at HLS Healthcare is one of the leading developments from Guldmann. This pediatric walking sling offers exceptional support to the upper body and hip area of a child, assisting them with walking, balancing, and even rehabilitation exercises. The sling can provide more confidence and stability for both the care provider and the patient or client that they’re working with. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced confidence and safety during rehabilitation exercise
  • Ideal for training children with balance issues
  • Made from comfortable and breathable fabric
  • Extensive lifting capacity of up to 255kg
  • Works seamlessly with the Guldmann ceiling hoist