Raizer Mobile Lifting Chair by Liftup

    The Raizer is a battery operated mobile lifting chair that aids fallen people up to an almost upright standing position within a matter of minutes.

    Raizer can be assembled with ease and operated by a single carer and does not require any physical strength or effort, besides a supportive hand from the caregiver.

    The Raizer is a fantastic solution to safely and comfortably lift a person up to an almost standing position, whilst supporting the entire body throughout the process.

    This method of lifting shows consideration for the importance of being helped up in a safe and dignified way.


    • Mobile lifting chair for transfer from floor to a sitting or standing position
    • Minimal physical effort for the assistant
    • Both citizen and assistant can feel safe in the process
    • Easy to transport in 2 light bags
    • Assembly prior to operation: max 3 minutes
    • Comfortable and safe for the person on the floor
    • Safe working load: 150 kgs.
    • Seat: Width 47 cm depth 22 cm.
    • Battery capacity: approx. 100 transfers before charging
    • Cleaning-friendly