Shower Seat with Leg

The ROPOX Shower Seat is ideal for bathrooms where support is needed during bathing and where space is restricted. The shape ensures secure and pleasant showering.

  • Heavy load – The standard max. load is 150 kg, and the seat is also available with a leg to increase the load to 200 kg.
  • Space-saving – The seat can be folded up to give more free space.
  • Greater comfort – The material used is hard-wearing and insulating, and the seat does not feel cold or hard.
  • Hygiene in focus – The seat is totally sealed polyurethane which feels warm and has soft round corners and soft edges to facilitate cleaning.
  • Variable seat height – The variant with leg can be mounted for sitting heights between 420 mm to 540 mm using the discrete adapter.
  • Extremely comfortable – The seat is designed in comfortable material and in a size and shape that provides great comfort. It also has an easy-to-grasp edge to help transfers.