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A common challenge among healthcare professionals working with elderly or disabled patients is movement and positioning of the patient. For those who require assistance with even the most basic tasks like sitting upright, adjusting laying position, or getting in and out of bed, a specialized, medical-grade ceiling hoist can provide mechanical assistance that helps to reduce the risk of lifting injuries incurring by the nurse or caregiver.

There are numerous reasons why a patient might need a position rotation. Providing medical attention, attending to wounds, dressing or undressing, and managing patient comfort all come to mind. The ceiling hoist solution from HLS Healthcare is an important tool for nurses and caregivers who are responsible for rotating bedridden patients. With basic, easy-to-understand operation and a space-saving, ergonomic design, ceiling hoists from HLS Healthcare are giving an advantage to hospitals and other medical service providers throughout Australia.

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Some of the benefits of mechanical lifting hoists for patient turning include:

  • Both patient and operator safety are optimized through high-quality hardware construction
  • Optional digital scale accessory can provide patient weight management assistance
  • Sturdy materials support patients up to 255 kilograms
  • X- and Y-axis transport rails can be installed virtually anywhere, even in multiple rooms for seamless operation
  • Ceiling hoists from HLS Healthcare are backed by a company with a proven track record of consistently providing premium mobility solutions for demanding healthcare professionals

When a patient cannot be rotated on a schedule that is ideal for their health and comfort, complications can arise fairly quickly. Bedsores, infections, and pain management all become potential risk factors if healthcare workers cannot quickly and efficiently rotate patients who cannot rotate themselves without help. To meet this need, HLS Healthcare offers customized ceiling hoist solutions designed with both the patient and the caregiver in mind, resulting in a reliable, proven product that improves care and reduces lifting injuries.

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HLS Healthcare is dedicated to increasing the quality of life for patients regardless of what stage of care they are in. For those elderly and disabled patients who need physical assistance with basic tasks like visiting the washroom, dressing for the day, or simply being rotated for better comfort, a ceiling hoist solution from HLS Healthcare will provide the most value over the longest period of time, thanks to high-quality construction and engineering expertise.

Hospitals, hospices, and critical care centers need specialized patient care furniture and accessories that reduce the risk of injury while serving the needs of patients throughout the day. Want to learn more about how a ceiling hoist solution from HLS Healthcare can improve the operations of your hospital or healthcare service center? Get in touch with the patient mobility professionals at HLS Healthcare and learn more about how ceiling hoist systems are improving the lives of patients, whatever their mobility needs may be.

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