Products to Prevent lifting Injuries for Carers in Aged Care Facilities

Products to Prevent lifting Injuries for Carers in Aged Care Facilities

Throughout any single working day for a carer in an aged care facility, there can be numerous opportunities for injury to occur as a result of lifting, rotating, or relocating a patient. These injuries don’t have to be viewed as just part of the job – to the contrary, there are many advanced products developed for the purposes of increasing patient comfort while also reducing the risk of injury for the carers who look after them.

Today, we’re going to be looking at a handful of products that can seriously improve the daily life for both carers and patients. These products are available today from HLS Healthcare – take a moment and explore the possibilities that these managed care furniture and accessory solutions could provide for your organisation.

Ceiling Hoist Systems

HLS Healthcare is proud to represent Guldmann and their full line of ceiling hoist systems. These easy-to-use, fully integrated hoisting solutions are perfect for lifting, relocating, and weighing patients who have mobility issues. Key features and benefits of the many customisable ceiling hoist configurations include:

gh1 f ceiling hoist Products to Prevent lifting Injuries for Carers in Aged Care Facilities

  • Adjustable, custom-sized harnesses for patients of most sizes
  • Simple, straightforward hoist operation makes for easy use for carers and attendants
  • Integrated scale allows for weighing of patients without requiring them to stand or sit
  • Built-to-order tracking system is durable and reliable

Adding a quality ceiling hoist will go a long way to help protect carers as well as give patients more comfort throughout their day.

Wheelchair Lifting Platforms

Even the most advanced wheelchairs with super-lightweight construction can still be heavy and cumbersome. For aged and disabled persons who must remain in a wheelchair but still need to be lifted from one elevation to another, wheelchair lifting platforms from HLS Healthcare can help.

These systems are ‘stepless’ and offer a safe, seamless transition from the platform to either opposing surfaces. These lifting platforms also feature retention guards that keep the wheelchair from rolling in any direction from the platform while it is in use.

Mobile Hoists

Mobile hoist solutions from Guldmann offer a great combination of convenience, portability, and ease-of-use for patients who need assistance to move from a chair or bed. These mobile lifters are easy to relocate without needing to be structurally removed from the floor or wall. This is accomplished with precision bearing-assisted wheels as part of the overall hoist construction.

Mobile hoists are fantastic for managed care organisations that need hoist assistance with patients in multiple areas of their facility. Mobility means better care provided to more patients in less time.

Vendlet Patient Positioning System

vendlet  Products to Prevent lifting Injuries for Carers in Aged Care Facilities

Finally, the Vendlet Patient Positioning System allows carers to physically rotate a patient while they are laying on their bed, reducing the risk of injury due to lifting. When used as part of a comprehensive approach to patient positioning, the Vendlet patient positioning system can offer significant improvements in patient comfort and efficiency of care.

For more information on any of the products listed here, or to inquire about other accessibility furniture and accessories available from HLS Healthcare, Call us directly on 1300 931 893.