Project Planning Advice for Architects and Builders

Healthcare project planning Advice for architects and builders

Project Planning Advice for Architects and Builders

Here at HLS Healthcare, our expertise makes us the go-to partner for a range of transformation projects, from lift installation to ceiling hoist implementation. We can even offer specialist support to builders and architects who are looking for an opportunity to add unique tools into a healthcare environment or rehabilitation facility. 

Depending on the goals of your project, we can offer insights into the best architectural strategies for things like:

  • Efficient working conditions for staff and carers
  • Effective use of the available space
  • Maximum return on investment
  • Reduced time spent on lifting and moving
  • Improved comfort for residents and patients

With staff members from all walks of life, including construction technicians, engineers, and technical specialists, we can help you with all phases of your project, from initial idea to implementation. 

Simplifying the Design Process

With specialist design support and functionality built into the project from day one, we can ensure that your building is ideally suited for the care environment. We’ll even ensure that the rail system for your ceiling hoist doesn’t take up too much space in your building so that it almost blends into the natural surroundings. We can help you to answer questions like:

  • Who will be using the system, and what are their unique needs?
  • Where will the actual lifting requirement be? 
  • What kind of rail system is best?
  • Should the rail cover an entire space or work on a single track?
  • What kind of ceiling hoist would be best?
  • What is the maximum weight to be lifted?
  • How does the lifting need to be done?
  • What kind of structure is the ceiling hoist going to be installed in?

Supporting Builders with Expert Support

We treat every customer inquiry with the utmost care. Rather than merely giving you a one-size-fits-all solution to your concerns, we’ll ensure that we come up with a strategy that’s perfectly suited to your individual needs. Our process can save builders and architects valuable time and money, as well as helping to prevent unpleasant surprises. Additionally, our consultancy service can help with:

  • Preparation of descriptions and designs
  • Coordination of building meetings
  • Drawings at a sketch level along with the detailed design of rail solutions
  • Assistance with technical calculations and design
  • Drawings in AutoCAD and Revit
  • Detailed design guide for your ceiling hoist solutions 

With our help, you can avoid expensive mistakes during building work by planning your ceiling hoists and other essential components into your project from the beginning. The Guldmann ceiling hoist system can be adapted to each user’s individual needs, taking the requirements of both patients and care providers into account, while also addressing architectural limitations. 

Make the Most of Your Installation

When you invest in a hoist and sling installation with HLS Healthcare, your support doesn’t end once the installation is complete. We’re here to help you transform your healthcare environment every step of the way. That means that we’re on hand to offer the training, guidance, and additional service that you need to get the most out of your investment. 

We’ll make sure that the Guldmann hoist and sling equipment you choose is ready to use from day one, so you can start seeing the benefits of your investment immediately. Because Guldmann devices are designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible, you should have no trouble getting used to them. We’ll even give you some extra guidance to get you started if you need it. 

Because we’ve been working with Guldmann devices for several years, we can show you how to combine your investments to make significant changes to the way that your team works. 

Everything You Need from One Provider

Guldmann is one of the largest and most reliable suppliers in the world when it comes to ceiling hoist systems, lifting and handling equipment. The company continues to invest in new ways of upgrading its equipment every day, with pioneering R&D strategies, and ongoing experiments with the latest technology. As a professional partner of Guldmann, we’re here to help you get the most out of your investment – no matter how big or small it might be. 

Reach out to HLS Healthcare today to find out more about what you can do with the right Guldmann equipment in your facility.