Proven Results with the Elsi Smart Floor

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As care providers around the world continue to look for reliable and valuable ways to support their clients, solutions like the Elsi smart floor could be an excellent investment. Designed to provide care givers with the solution they need to monitor residents without disrupting their independence or privacy, the Elsi smart floor offers a revolutionary new age in technology for care.

According to a recent case study released for the Kustaankartano nursing home in Finland, the Elsi smart floor is also proven to have sensational results. The project conducted by the City of Helsinki and the Aalto University showed the clear benefits of the solution. The study conducted between 2006 and 2010 found that there were cost savings in all related areas when implementing the smart floor. Additionally, the positive feedback from both residents and nurses was very encouraging too.

The Benefits of the Elsi Smart Floor

The smart floor, which helps to track the movements of residents in a care environment without imposing on their privacy, was a fantastic success for the nursing home. The pilot project conducted by the City of Helsinki and Aalto University showcased clear benefits of the solution. Further study on the effectiveness of the smart floor that was conducted in 2012 found that the care home unit equipped with the smart floor is perceived as a more attractive place for nurses to work.

With the smart floor to assist them, nurses were able to spend more of their time focusing on the care work that demanded their assistance the most. They could spend more time attending to the needs of the residents with the smart floor in place. Nursing staff also said that there was more resident-oriented care in the Elsi unit compared to other environments. By ensuring that help was always available when needed, the care environment could contribute significantly to quality of life.