How to Safely Lift Someone Up from The Floor

How to Safely Lift Someone Up from The Floor

Whether you’re a caregiver in the home or at work, it’s important to ensure that you and your patient have the tools that you need to get through each day safely. From walking frames to wheelchairs, there are plenty of mechanisms available to enable mobility, but what happens when you have to deal with a fall?

Until recently, there was little in the way of assistance for helping someone to get up from the floor. Unless caregivers were able to enlist the help of others and had the use of a hoist, the process of getting a person from the floor to standing again was a long and laborious one and could often result in injury to either party. However, this has all changed with the introduction of the groundbreaking Raizer® chair.

What is the Raizer® chair?

The Raizer® is a revolutionary battery operated mobile lifting chair that transfers a fallen person from the floor to a sitting or standing position with minimal physical effort for one assistant.

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The patented design of the Raizer® means that it is easily assembled in a matter of minutes, making it a fast and simple solution for anyone who works with the handling and transfer of individuals. Due to the size of the chair, it is possible to construct it in narrow spaces, such as hallways, or bathrooms. Weighing only 13 kilos, which is split into two bags, it is very light and easy to transport to the fallen person, even in a hurry.

How does it work?

To lift a person, the seat with the motor is placed under the knees and the back rests are placed under the body. The assistant then connects the seat poles to the seat and back rests using colour markings to determine where each connection should be fitted before securing the seatbelt for safety. Supporting the head, the assistant can use their free hand to operate the lift function on the chair using either buttons on the chair or with a handheld remote.

As the Raizer® moves slowly and does not require handling of the fallen person, it provides a sense of safety and security during the transfer. Lifting up to 150kgs, the Raizer® is the perfect alternative to the strenuous maneuvering involved with transferring someone into a sling.

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The battery is easily recharged using mains power or a car adapter and it can perform between 40-100 lifts on a full charge depending on the weight of the load.

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