ROPOX Just Got Better

One of the best-known brands in changing bed technology, ROPOX recently upgraded its tools to deliver a better quality of care to today’s customers. As of July, the ROPOX Vario and Mobilio beds received a design overhaul, intended to provide more comfort and convenience for healthcare patients, aged care residents, and care providers alike.

Here’s what you can expect if you purchase a brand-new ROPOX changing bed from the crew here at HLS Healthcare.

The Enhanced ROPOX Vario Bed

The Vario changing bed from ROPOX is one of the most popular adults changing tables on the market, offering height-adjustable functionality to suit a range of environments and requirements. Not only is the Vario great for aged-care and healthcare spaces, but it’s also useful for rehabilitation centers, special schools, and hospitals where people may need assistance with personal care.

The height-adjustment settings on the Vario bed make it quick and easy for caregivers to transform the performance of their beds to suit the needs of individual clients and patients. The height adjustment also means that you can reduce the number of lifts performed to get a patient on and off the bed because the surface can be lowered to anywhere up to 30cms off the ground.

New and improved features include:

  • Upgraded mattress with rounded and smooth edges
  • Rounded and smooth edges on the structure of the bed
  • Newly optimised frame and base construction for better cleaning and more space underneath the equipment.
  • Enhanced release system for folding the bed for storage

The ROPOX Vario is now available with a central locking system, protective padding, and unique bed guards. This kit is also available in a range of width and length options.

The Updated ROPOX Mobilio Bed

The ROPOX Mobilio bed is a free-standing changing table that offers users greater flexibility and freedom in day-to-day use. Ideal for care centers, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities, this kit is excellent for when you need to move a changing table from one location to another. The Mobilio is suitable for adults and children alike, with different lengths to choose from depending on your needs. Some of the latest improvements to the tool include:

  • Compact laminate and water-resistant tabletops
  • Durable rounded corners and smooth edges to reduce risk of injury
  • New and improved mattress with rounded edges
  • Enhanced frame and base construction for greater durability, easier maintenance, and more space beneath the bed
  • Height adjustable design to reduce lifting risk with a lower entrance height for users
  • Increased weight management of up to 200kg
  • Enhanced release system

Like the Vario, the Mobilio is available in a variety of sizes, with a central locking system, bed guard, and protection padding available. There’s also a backup battery option available for better peace of mind when using your mobile transfer tool.
To learn more about the ROPOX bed systems, or any other tool that you might need to improve your care facility operations, contact HLS Healthcare today. Our team will talk you through our extensive product catalogue.