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HLS Advantage – Annual safety inspections

circle frame 01 small min ServicesEnsure the safety and security of your healthcare furniture and equipment systems with HLS Healthcare. We offer periodic inspection and re-certification in accordance with the AS/NZS 10535:2024. The latest health and safety guidelines require:

  • For all rail and hoist systems to be inspected annually, including all accessories  (regardless of the frequency of use).
  • Rail systems to be inspected even when hoists aren’t installed.
  • All rail and hoist systems to feature stickers that indicate next inspection times. Each rail system should be marked with maximum working load for safety. If any defects are encountered during an inspection, the owner must be notified immediately.
  • Rail or hoist systems should be taken out of operation immediately in the case of immediate risk to safety. The system should not be used again until the problem has been rectified.
  • Inspection records, including the date and inspection result should be provided in a logbook, along with inspector signatures.
  • Damage and defects that may impair the safety of the rail or hoist system should be recorded in the logbook and reported to HLS Healthcare.
  • Observations regarding the importance of safety for the rail and hoist system should be recorded in the logbook, which should be maintained by the persons responsible for maintaining the systems.

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Services Outside of Periodic Inspections

Should any unexpected failure occur in between inspections for safety, HLS Healthcare will offer ongoing maintenance and service support at low and reliable service charges, to ensure the longevity of patient safety, and equipment.

  • Where possible, items may need to be sent back to HLS Healthcare to be serviced. Guldmann hoists will be repaired where required and in most cases returned within 2 business days.
  • When equipment cannot be repaired and returned within 5 business days, loan hoists, or equipment may be made available.
  • Where items in need of service cannot be issued to HLS, HLS service technicians will attend the site within 48 hours (Mon-Fri in metropolitan areas) at standard service rates.

Make the Most of your Healthcare Assets with HLS Healthcare

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With HLS Healthcare, we provide all the support and guidance you need to ensure the longevity and on-going performance of your equipment and furniture. We’ll help to maintain the safety of your assets, while reducing downtime, and using only genuine parts for repair.

Any repairs or maintenance you might need will be carried out by our own accredited and highly-trained technicians, which means that your own maintenance staff are free to complete other duties within your organisations.

Additionally, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing we can help you comply with AS/NZS 10535:2024, regarding hoisting and transferring disabled or elderly individuals along with other manual handling equipment.

Upgrade your equipment solution today, with HLS Healthcare.