How To Make A Venue More Accessible for Disabled?

Simple Ways to Make Your Venue More Accessible

Having a disability shouldn’t stop someone from doing whatever they want to do in life. Unfortunately, the elderly, and people who struggle with mobility frequently find themselves often approaching venues without how accessible for disabled the venue is being taken into.


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Making an effort to transform your venue into a more accessible place can be a beneficial solution for everyone. Not only could it help you to increase the number of customers you get, but it could also mean that you contribute to making the world a more wondrous place for those with disabilities. So, what are some of the simple ways that you can make your venue more accessible?

1.     Start with an Evaluation

To begin with, you’ll need to examine your existing facilities and ask yourself if there are any places around your venue that might be difficult to get to for someone in a wheelchair, or using crutches. For instance, do you have a ramp available that’s either permanently attached to the front of your building, or always on hand to make entry easy for disabled patrons?

Once the people who visit your venue end up inside, how are they going to get from one floor to another? Do you have a wheelchair lift available that your customers can use, and does it follow the local safety standards carefully?

2.     Train your Staff for Support

It takes more than just a ramp to make your venue into a comfortable and popular place for people with mobility issues. Consider setting up training sessions with your staff to help them know exactly how they should respond to issues regarding mobility, can help you to offer a more consistent level of customer service.

The more time you devote to training and educating your staff, the more likely it is that they’ll feel equipped to deliver a warm and welcoming experience to everyone who comes to your venue. Staff should know exactly how to offer assistance when needed, without being overbearing or offensive.

3.     Upgrade your Bathroom

Upgrading the bathroom facilities is one of the most important things any venue can do when it comes to making a location more accessible for those in need. The right toilet facilities can make or break a person’s decision to visit somewhere new. You’ll need to ensure that you have all the appropriate equipment available, from grab handles to hoisting and lifting systems for those with disabilities who may need to change their clothes.

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Remember to check to make sure that your sinks and toilets are both at the right height for people in wheelchairs to use without issue, and think about how you can make the space as comfortable as possible for anyone who visits you.

4.     Think about Your Signage

Finally, make sure that the signage around your venue shows off exactly where customers need to go to get the help that they need. For instance, you should have directions available to the closest wheelchair lift if it’s not located directly beside the stairs. Additionally, your signage should point out which direction your accessible toilets are in, with text, not just arrows.

Make sure that you always have customer service agents around your venue too, ready to offer assistance to people who need it. It may be worth having a full map of your venue at your entrance for people to examine at their leisure – particularly if you have a large building to navigate.


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