Simplifying the Repositioning Process with VENDLET

Simplifying the repositioning process with VENDLET

Resident repositioning is a common practice in the healthcare or senior care environment. Residents need to regularly move from one location to another, whether it’s for hygiene and treatment reasons, to reduce the risk of bedsores, or simply for comfort. Unfortunately, moving people with mobility issues isn’t always an easy process.

Often, the experience is difficult for the care provider, requiring multiple people to work together to prevent injury. This means that it’s harder to spread personnel evenly through the facility. What’s more, old-fashioned repositioning strategies with manual processes can also be upsetting for the resident, as they’re uncomfortable, and may make them feel as though their dignity has been compromised.

Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of the VENDLET automated electronic turning system. With this simple, yet intuitive aid, today’s care providers can quickly and easily reposition bedridden residents, without putting themselves or the residents at risk.

Quicker and Easier Turning with VENDLET

The VENDLET repositioning system simplifies the process of repositioning a resident to the point where a complex process can be managed by just one care provider. The VENDLET system uses a comfortable sheet to carefully move the resident into the desired position, reducing the number of staff required to:

• Transfer residents to different beds or seats
• Move residents for treatment purposes
• Reposition residents into prone, supine and lateral positions
• Turn residents for hygiene purposes

The simplicity of the VENDLET system means that any care provider can quickly and easily move a resident, without putting that individual’s comfort or safety at risk. What’s more, because they don’t need to wait for assistance from another member of staff, the care provider can deliver the boost in the comfort that a resident needs much faster.

The VENDLET system reduces the risk that a resident will spend too long between periods of turning, leading to things like bedsores and discomfort.

Making the Most of the VENDLET System

Using two motorized roller bars and a single sheet, the VENDLET system allows users to control the movement of a resident using a basic handset. This means that care providers can deliver quick and easy results, with just one hand. Because the VENDLET requires no strenuous lifting or tugging, the care provider can easily and comfortably guide a resident into the right position, allowing for a better experience all around.

Not only does the VENDLET turning system reduce the amount of pressure on your staff by ensuring that moving and handling tasks can be completed by a single care provider, but it also means that professionals expose themselves to less risk too. After all, lifting and moving another human being places a lot of strain on the muscles and joints, which can increase the chances of a care provider ending up hurt.

The VENDLET system will allow you to simplify your care provider’s jobs and give them more control over the moving and handling experience. This benefits both your everyday staff members and the residents that they look after.

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