Supporting Bedridden Residents with MANULET Technology

Supporting Bedridden Residents

Managing the health of bedridden residents isn’t easy. However, this is a challenge that many nursing and healthcare professionals face every day. When residents are unable to move, it is the responsibility of their care providers to keep them comfortable with regular rotation. However, moving and handling a patient with mobility issues can often lead to risks, injuries, and other problems. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Vendlet and HLS Healthcare are working together to make managing bedridden patient support easier. We’re offering the MANULET range of technology to help residents help themselves in a more dignified and respectable manner. This means that even bedridden individuals can maintain a sense of independence.

Introducing the MANULET Easy Tube

One of the tools that we offer in partnership with Vendlet for bedridden residents is the MANULET easy tube. This tool helps users to access greater comfort when rotating bedridden residents. The benefits of the machine include the reduction of bedsores caused by friction during movement. That’s because the MANULET uses a soft cotton jersey to protect the skin and preserve tissue integrity.

There’s also access to better stability during rotation, as there are two layers of material quilted together for better form and function. The MANULET easy tube can be used for many different kinds of transfer, depending on the needs of your patient.

The MANULET Turn Table and Multi-Grip

The Easy Tube isn’t the only piece of technology we’re bringing to HLS Healthcare customers. We’ve also worked with Vendlet to deliver the MANULET Turntable – an effective and simple piece of moving and handling equipment that uses two round discs with a padded cotton jersey to ensure easy turning for seated residents. The two discs responsible for movement in this tool are attached to a swivel using Velcro, allowing for very low resistance, even when handling heavy loads.

You can remove the swivel on the MANULET turntable for easy washing, and this kit can also be used in combination with products like the Easy Tube and Multi-Grip. Simply place the turntable under the pelvis of the seated person to use the Turntable device.

The other product in the MANULET portfolio that we want to introduce today is the Multi-Grip – a tool that can be used for a range of requirements, including moving a client from a laying to a sitting position with ease. Benefits include:

  • Easy movement for people with mobility issues
  • Sturdy yet soft handles are excellent for people with weak grips
  • Designed to be stable and supportive
  • Ideal for getting a good hold in multiple positions

Improving Bedridden Patient Support

Bedridden residents need a lot of help when it comes to moving and avoiding issues like bedsores. However, transfers, where nursing staff need to push, lift or slide a patient, can lead to increased discomfort for the patient, and a higher risk of injury for the care provider.

The MANULET series is excellent for protecting both nursing and care staff, and the residents that they look after every day. Find out how the MANULET system can help you today by reaching out to the team here at HLS Healthcare.