Dutch care organisation provides all resident rooms with ceiling hoists

SVRZ Care - HLS Healthcare Pty Ltd

SVRZ, a care organisation for the elderly in the Netherlands, has equipped all 1.450 resident rooms with ceiling hoist systems. What started with the construction of the new care facility Redoute in Sas van Gent culminated in a huge project in which all SVRZ employees and clients would experience the benefits of a ceiling hoist

Patient Lifting Slings: which loop is which?

Patient lifting slings - hls healthcare

Patient lifting is a common daily task in most healthcare institutions but you may be surprised to hear that some care staff are not fully aware of all the features a sling enables. The most common connection point seen on the straps of a sling is a fabric loop, which is wound onto a lifting

Lifting Tracks that cover the whole bedroom – surprising functionality

HLS Healthcare - Guldmann H-Track and Ceiling Hoist

HLS Healthcare commonly get requests to quote for urgent Ceiling Hoist installations within the Aged Care sector; often a reaction to a complex clinical scenario the facility is desperately trying to manage. Recently, a registered nurse explained to HLS she had a resident returning to the facility after a lengthy hospital admission. The gentleman had

Upgrading your Hoists with Lifting Accessories

Upgrading your hoist with lifting accessories

Today’s lifting devices are some of the most valuable tools in any healthcare environment. Whether you’re offering rehabilitation treatment for people recovering from injuries or aiding seniors with mobility problems, hoists are a must-have. However, there’s more to improving your moving and handling practices than investing in the right lifting tools. Today’s facilities also need

The Benefits of Fixed Ceiling Hoists (and Why You Should Have One)

Fixed ceiling hoist

Hoists are some of the most valuable pieces of equipment in a care or medical facility. These tools help to move patients from one location to another without putting their safety or dignity at risk. What’s more, with a hoist, it’s possible to move patients carefully, without potentially causing harm or injury to a care

How the Guldmann Sling Lifter Helps Residents Get Back Onto Their Feet

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The world’s most respected brand for handling equipment, are proving that a sling lifter can also be used for rehabilitation. Most ceiling lifts are used in healthcare environments to move people from their beds to a seat. A study, however, has also shown that they can also be excellent at getting bedridden residents back on

What to Look for When Buying a Handicap Lift for Your Healthcare Facility

What to Look for When Buying Handicap Lifts for Your Healthcare Facility

What to Look for When Buying Handicap Lifts for your Healthcare Facility Otherwise known as wheelchair lifts, or stairlifts, handicap lifts are a crucial addition to any healthcare facility. They ensure that you can move patients quickly and easily from one floor to another in your property so that they have the freedom to move

Protecting Residents with the Guldmann Ceiling Hoist

Protecting Residents with the Guldmann Ceiling Hoist

Are your hoists safe enough? WorkSafe Victoria recently published crucial safety advice for companies using wand-assisted and portable hoists. The article emerged after one resident at an aged care facility suffered a fatal injury when falling from a portable ceiling hoist. Reducing the Risks with Portable Ceiling Hoists Business leaders in aged care and rehabilitation

How to Purchase the Best Ceiling Hoist System for Your Healthcare Facility

How to Purchase the Best Ceiling Hoist System for Your Healthcare Facility

How to Purchase the Best Ceiling Hoist System for Your Healthcare Facility Sometimes, when you’re shopping for healthcare equipment, you’ll know exactly what you need to improve the lives of your patients. There are times when you may need additional guidance, like when making the decision as to the best ceiling hoist system. To give

Everything You Need to Know about Standing Hoists

Stand Up Hoist Standing hoists also called mobile hoists are indispensable tools for many healthcare providers due to their portability. As well as functional for a lot of healthcare facilities the standing hoist offers a comfortable patient handling solution. Great for both the person needing assistance and the carer. To get the most out of