Transforming Caregiving: How Elma™ Smart Detection Enhances Safety and Efficiency

Elma Smart Detection

In the demanding world of caregiving, where the well-being of both residents and staff is paramount, innovations like Elma™ Smart Detection are revolutionising the landscape. This cutting-edge technology is not just about monitoring; it’s about empowering caregivers, enhancing resident safety, and ultimately improving the overall quality of care.  Data-Driven Insights for Proactive Care:  Elma™ Smart

Fall Detection, NurseCare and Quality Standards Compliance

As the Royal Commission continues to move closer to releasing its outcomes, providers need to ensure they are making the right decisions to help protect and support their organisation. As such, Quality Standards for aged care projects are now being considered by providers and architects much earlier in the design or redevelopment stages of a

How to Constantly Monitor Seniors without Compromising on Privacy

How to Constantly Monitor Seniors with Compromising on Privacy

People with mobility issues, seniors with poor eyesight and those with conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia need a high level of constant care and support. For these people, getting out of bed at night, or moving around a room during the day, can be a complicated process with a high risk of falls and injury.