Frequently Asked Questions on Hoist and Slings Answered by HLS Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions on Sling Hoists answered by the Expert Disability Equipment Suppliers – HLS Healthcare

Hoist and slings are essential to any healthcare facility and a valuable tool for any business that wishes to welcome people with physical disabilities. So how do you choose to best hoist solution? To make life easy the professionals at HLS Healthcare have detailed for you the most frequently asked questions about sling hoists. Providing

The Benefits of Ceiling Hoists for Gait Training in Physiotherapy

The Benefits of Ceiling Hoists for Gait Training in Physiotherapy

The right ceiling hoist and walking sling can be crucial in giving your patients the comfort and support they need when they’re transferred to bedrooms, lounge spaces, and treatment rooms, these solutions can also be a powerful addition to certain recovery programs too.  Ceiling hoists safely and securely hold patients aloft so that they have

What Do You Need To Know About Ceiling Hoists?

Ceiling Hoist Solutions for the Disabled: Everything You Need to Know

Ceiling hoists are unique in their ability to provide carers, nurses and end-users alike with a range of advantages and conveniences in any care setting. Whether you’re looking after a disabled or elderly individual at home, or you’re searching for a way to improve the security and comfort of your care facility, it’s important to