3 Kitchen Additions to Create an Accessible Kitchen

fall prevention

Cooking and the ability to eat is a fundamental need, most kitchens aren’t properly designed for wheelchairs or people that are handicapped which sacrifices independence and safety. Over the past 25 years, we have acquired comprehensive knowledge and experience in the development of flexible, height-adjustable kitchen systems. In this article, we’ll be explaining what is

Turn Aid – The Ultimate Guide to the Vendlet V5+

Patient Positioning Aids - The Ultimate Guide to the Vendlet V5+

For many patients or elderly people who are bedridden patient positioning aids are a necessity for their day to day life. For these individuals that require assistance with turning or repositioning while laying down, an integrated on-bed positioning system like the Vendlet V5+ is an excellent option. This unique positioning solution allows for carers to

What Are Pressure Sores and Ulcers?

Mobility and Comfort: What are Pressure Sores and Ulcers?

When it comes to choosing the right equipment and furniture solutions for your needs, it’s crucial to think about all aspects of comfort and safety that might be relevant to the person or people you’re caring for. For instance, a lot of elderly individuals, and disabled people with limited mobility can suffer from a range