The Man Who Won’t Roll – A Case Study

According to a Case Study by Melbourne-based Occupational Therapist, Frances Arnold of Yooralla, the Vendlet Turning System was the perfect solution for ‘The Man Who Wouldn’t Roll’. The study centres on Gavin, a 49yo man who had suffered a Spinal Cord Injury together with an Acquired Brain Injury.  He was living in a Supported Accommodation

Methods of Preventing Tissue Damage in Bedridden Residents

Methods of Preventing Tissue Damage in Bedridden Patients

A recent study from the University of Ghent in Belgium shows no correlation between the development of pressure ulcers and the use of VENDLET V5S. Using VENDLET V5S for repositioning is on the contrary associated with maintaining the client’s skin integrity better than manual methods. The study also showed that using VENDLET V5S resulted in