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Technology Aids and Equipment - HLS Healthcare

If you work in healthcare or managed care for aged or disabled persons, it’s important to have access to technology and aids that can make your job easier. Among all of the various ways that advancements in technology can help aged care centers, hospitals, and other care providers, HLS Healthcare offers a broad selection of equipment that improves patient care, comfort, and facility efficiency.

When it’s time to enhance your facilities with up-to-date care equipment, keep in mind how the following product families might assist with the day-to-day operations of your organisation.

Ceiling Hoists

Patients that need to be relocated or repositioned with assistance can benefit greatly from the ceiling hoist solutions available from HLS Healthcare. Ceiling hoists can be custom-configured with a rail system that is specific to the living or caring area, making the overall system unique to your individual floor plan.

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Technology Aids and Equipment – HLS Healthcare

As part of a ceiling hoist, a selection of slings is also available. These slings are made to work with the ceiling hoist itself, making the entire solution seamless and easy to use. And, slings can be swapped out as needed in just seconds. What’s more, there are integrated scale options for ceiling hoists, making it easier to assess a patient’s weight without having them stand on a scale on the floor.

Smart Floors from Elsi

You have probably heard by now that there are smart floors available that can track patient locations in their living or treatment areas, as well as provide real-time alerts to carers when falls take place. This exciting new technology reduces the time it takes to respond to falls and improves overall patient care accordingly.

Smart Floors from Elsi

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ELSI smart floor – Floor prevention equipment – HLS Healthcare

Another key feature about smart floors from Elsi is the easy integration of existing reporting and patient tracking systems. Ask us about how quickly and simply HLS Healthcare can pair your current method of carer alerting with the Elsi Smart Floor, resulting in a fully automated patient tracking and reporting system.

On-Bed Patient Positioning Systems

Many bedridden patients need help performing simple maneuvers like turning or repositioning themselves on their beds. To address this need, the Vendlet Patient Positioning System is installed as part of the bed itself, making operation easy, every time. Simply activate the Vendlet motor via the attached control device, and the patient is gently repositioned at a rate that is comfortable for them.

The Vendlet V5 from HLS Healthcare is the world’s finest, and first electronically mechanised solution for patient repositioning and turning. An unrivaled entry to the market, the Vendlet V5 is designed with a motorised turning sheet that can be used for all aspects of handling an individual in bed.

Simple enough for use with just one caregiver, the Vendlet V5 turning aid can be used to turn a patient into supine, lateral, and prone positions, reposition a patient after they have slipped, or apply slings, and change incontinence products.

As one of the most comfortable and reliable solutions on the market, the Vendlet V5 gives service users a more consistent and calm turning experience, while caregivers can benefit from a simple and effective procedure

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VENDLET V5 Repositioning System

The turning sheet that is used as a part of this system can easily be removed and washed, giving carers better control of the resting and sleeping environments their patients experience.

HLS Healthcare – Your Sole Source for Functional Care Aids

If you’d like to learn more about how any (or all) of these intelligent care aid solutions can improve patient comfort within your organisation, contact HLS Healthcare today. We will work with you to craft a customised technology aid solution that will improve efficiency and result in better overall care or your patients.

Installing these systems is faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Contact us now on 1300 931 893 to find out why.