The Benefits of Fixed Ceiling Hoists (and Why You Should Have One)

Fixed ceiling hoist

Hoists are some of the most valuable pieces of equipment in a care or medical facility. These tools help to move patients from one location to another without putting their safety or dignity at risk. What’s more, with a hoist, it’s possible to move patients carefully, without potentially causing harm or injury to a care provider.

Of course, there are many different kinds of hoists available today, and each is designed to deliver their own unique benefits to the care facilities that use them. For instance, portable floor hoists are great for when you’re dealing with an emergency and you need to get to a patient in a space that’s hard to access with larger wall-mounted tools. On the other hand, wall-mounted hoists can be excellent for lifting and maneuvering patients in specific rooms or locations within a care facility.

However, for the greatest range of flexibility, and the best results, it’s hard to beat the performance of a fixed ceiling hoist.

What is a Fixed Ceiling Hoist?

A fixed ceiling hoist is an automated mechanism that works on a fixed ceiling track. Depending on the scope of your facility, you could install multiple tracks throughout your building, or have all of your ceiling hoist equipment connected on the same circuit.

The great thing about ceiling hoists is that they can be installed in a wide variety of different layouts and designs. Even if you have complex architecture to consider, you may still find that it’s possible to discover the benefits of a ceiling hoist for yourself. Not only do these hoists provide quick and seamless support for lifting and handling processes, but they can also save a lot of time and effort when dealing with an emergency situation.

A ceiling hoist on a connected track gives care providers the power to quickly move a patient without having to wait for help from another member of staff. This means that you can make the most out of one of the most crucial resources in your care facility: your care providers.

The Many Benefits of Ceiling Hoists

Aside from giving your care providers and professionals more freedom when it comes to delivering excellent high-quality support to your residents, ceiling hoists can offer additional benefits too. For instance, you can have your ceiling hoist installed flush to the ceiling, creating a tidy track that saves space in your facility. There’s no longer any need to have a hoist machine standing around in a room taking up space. All the mechanisms are installed into the ceiling, so your residents and care providers have the freedom to roam without tripping over technology.

A ceiling-mounted track also has the option to be adjusted to suit a wide range of different needs. You can choose different slings and hoists so that your ceiling hoist is available for:

  • Hygienic lifting and turning
  • Bathroom assistance
  • Medical moving and handling
  • Rehabilitation and movement therapy

With so much versatility to offer, a ceiling hoist could be the ideal way to transform your care facility. Contact HLS today to find out more about setting up your own track system.