The Benefits of High Quality Mobility Hoist

The Benefits of High Quality Mobility Hoist

Mobile Lifts for Disabled

In the days that came before mobility hoists, helping disabled and elderly people to complete their daily routines was a seriously challenging task. For those with mobility issues, something as apparently simple as getting in and out of the bath, bed, or car, would require the constant physical assistance of a dedicated care provider.

Not only was this dangerous for all people involved, but the privacy of the affected individual was often compromised, leading to embarrassment and discomfort for the person in need of care. Thanks to the delivery of fantastic mobility lifts, we’ve been able to see all the disabled and elderly people among us enjoy a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

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Here, we’ll look at some of the most common benefits of investing in mobility hoists with HLS Healthcare.

What are Portable Hoists for Disabled?

First of all, let’s take a look at what a mobility hoist actually is. In simple terms, a mobile hoist is a fantastic aid that’s designed for assisting with the care of a limited-mobility care home resident, or individual in need of additional assistance in their day-to-day activities. Mobile hoists offer better comfort, security, and flexibility when transferring patients, perhaps from a bed to a wheelchair, or wheelchair to bathtub.

Because mobility hoists allow for the easier transfer of people, they ensure that care providers don’t have to take on dangerous processes to help the individual they’re assisting move around their home or care facility. After all, attempting to manage all the weight of a person by yourself can be a very challenging process.

Mobility hoists can be used almost anywhere to improve accessibility and can be used either as mobile devices, or ceiling-mounted pieces of equipment that provide ongoing support during a person’s life.

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Using Bed Hoists

Getting out of bed in the morning might not seem like a challenging task for people who aren’t affected by mobility issues. Unfortunately, for those facing the problems of aging and disability, it can almost be impossible to simply move from the bedroom to the bathroom in a morning. Fortunately, static ceiling hoists could be the perfect solution for these circumstances. On the other hand, HLS Healthcare also provides mobile hoists for those who don’t want to make permanent modifications to their homes.

Using Bariatric Hoists

When people who suffer from mobility problems are no longer able to exercise and enjoy physical activity as normal, it’s very common for those people to see rises in their weight. As such, the standard hoisting device that’s used by most medical professionals may not be safe for use. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure that you choose a bariatric hoist that has been specifically designed to provide support for the excess weight. At HLS Healthcare, we offer a range of bariatric solutions to ensure comfort and support for anyone in need.

Using Bath Lifts

Getting in and out of a relaxing bath is something that many younger and able-bodied people often take for granted. After all, it’s difficult to imagine the sheer effort and discomfort involved in moving in and out of a bath when you’ve never encountered problems with your own limbs or joints. If you don’t have the full use of your legs and arms, getting in and out of baths can be difficult, and even dangerous. This challenging task should never be tackled alone by someone in need of support. Fortunately, at HLS Healthcare, we offer a range of clever devices to remove the stress from bathroom environments.

At HLS Healthcare, our focus is on improving quality of life. Find out what our hoist solutions could do for you today.