The Man Who Won’t Roll – A Case Study

According to a Case Study by Melbourne-based Occupational Therapist, Frances Arnold of Yooralla, the Vendlet Turning System was the perfect solution for ‘The Man Who Wouldn’t Roll’.

The study centres on Gavin, a 49yo man who had suffered a Spinal Cord Injury together with an Acquired Brain Injury.  He was living in a Supported Accommodation in Melbourne.  He weighed approx. 130kg and was experiencing chronic pressure sores, and as a result, anxiety and depression associated with return hospital visits.

Gavin’s morning routine would take up to 2 hours which required 3 support workers plus a nurse present.  This put incredible strain on the staff.  There had also been multiple Workcover claims in relation to his care.

Gavin’s OT decided to trial some Assistive Technology to help with Gavin’s care.  They trialled different types of slide sheets, slings and pressure-alleviating rotating beds – none were deemed adequate solutions as they still required 3 staff to manually handle Gavin to some extent.

Then came…. the Vendlet Turning System.  The Vendlet Turning System attached to Gavin’s existing care bed and, by the simple press of a controller, was able to turn and reposition him without the need for any manual handling.

The Vendlet completely changed Gavin’s care and outlook.

The Vendlet was able to reduce Gavin’s care needs to one or two staff in the morning AND it took less than 50% of the time.  Gavin reported less anxiety from an increase in dignity during his care and the reduction of pressure sore vulnerability.

Frances Arnold declared the Vendlet Turning System the most suitable solution, and furthermore, due to the significant reduction in care staff required to attend to Gavin, the cost of the Vendlet system broke-even at 11 weeks!!

Here at HLS, we love hearing these feel-good stories.  If you think the Vendlet may be able to assist someone you know, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

For clinicians out there – we would be more than happy to share with you this Case Study document if you think it may assist with your report-writing.

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