Turn Aid – The Ultimate Guide to the Vendlet V5+

Patient Positioning Aids - The Ultimate Guide to the Vendlet V5+

For many patients or elderly people who are bedridden patient positioning aids are a necessity for their day to day life. For these individuals that require assistance with turning or repositioning while laying down, an integrated on-bed positioning system like the Vendlet V5+ is an excellent option. This unique positioning solution allows for carers to operate an easy-to-use motor that moves the sheet lying below the patient, making turning easier and quicker. These turn aid systems are easy to install, easy to operate, and the turning sheet itself can be simply removed and washed before being returned to service.

More about the Vendlet V5+

The VENDLET is life-altering equipment for patents and carers alike. This state of the art equipment allows the safe rotation of a bedridden person with little effort from one caregiver. Unlike any other product, we have seen the VENDLET has a simple design, consisting of a slide sheet, a turning sheet, hand control and two motorized bars mounted on each side of the bed. To use you simply press the hand control, the sheet is tightened around the bars, so the patient is moved or turned around.

ven Turn Aid   The Ultimate Guide to the Vendlet V5+

The following tasks can be performed with the VENDLET:

  • Turning the patient – into a supine, prone or side-lying position
  • Moving the patient from one side of the bed to another
  • Repositioning the patient up in the bed
  • Mobilising the patient in/out of bed
  • Applying a sling to the patient

As the VENDLET is fast and easy to use. The bedridden patient experiences turning in a uniform and calm fashion, gifting patients with greater comfort, independence, and dignity. The VENDLET improves the health and safety of healthcare workplaces significantly. Preventing the paramount concern of injuries from lifting and moving patients. Reducing wear and tear on the backs of nurses and carers backs. By implementing the VENDLET it is possible to optimise the use of human resources. In most cases, a carer can work alone with the patient. The use of VENDLET also results in fewer and more simple work procedures.

We have found the VENDLET particularly useful with these types of scenarios:

  • Bariatric care
  • Palliative care
  • Aged care
  • Acquired Brain Injuries
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Motor Neuron Disease
  • Quadriplegic/Paraplegic
  • Aged Care/Hospitals night shift when staffing is low but the need for care is high

If you need help designing an accessible living space for your aged care facility, with turn-aids such as the VENDLET we’re here to assist you. To inquire about a customised quote or for more information, call us directly on 1300 931 893. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.