Top 3 New Innovative Products for Patient Care

Top 3 New Innovative Products for Patient Care

In the field of managed healthcare for sick and elderly persons, technological innovation helps the lives of both the caregiver and the patient. This can be seen in areas like patient monitoring automation and even patient relocation and positioning, a commonly overlooked area of patient care.

Leaving healthcare workers to rely on their own strength and agility to position patients – particularly after a fall has occurred, rendering them in need of assistance from the floor – is becoming increasingly unnecessary thanks to modern advancements. We’ve compiled the top three new innovative products that are available today to make patient lives better and to give healthcare professionals more options when managing daily, patient-related tasks.

Innovative Product #1:  The Razier Mobile Lifting Chair

The Razier Mobile Lifting Chair is a portable, lightweight device used to assist patients who have fallen and need assistance returning to a seated position. This product is innovative for two key reasons: first, it doesn’t need more than a single attendant to operate. Second, the battery-powered motor and actuators within the device can be operated up to 100 times between battery charges. This truly is a game-changer for the patient care industry, particularly when it comes to caring for elderly or disabled persons.

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Innovative Product #2: The Vendlet Patient Positioning System

When patients need to reposition themselves to avoid bedsores and other discomfort, they often need physical help conducting the turning movement. This need is met by the Vendlet Patient Positioning System, which integrates onto existing beds to provide caregivers with easy, functional assistance in the turning of patients from one side to another. This product is also useful when applying slings, as body positioning can be easily modified at each stage of sling application.

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Innovative Product #3: The Smart Floor Monitoring System

What if there was a way to monitor a patient’s location in a room or living area, while being notified if there’s a fall? The Smart Floor Monitoring System from HLS Healthcare does just that and more. This advancement in managed care technology allows caregivers to respond quicker to falls and to be able to locate patients in distress faster than before. The interface of the flooring system with modern, handheld devices makes the overall operation seamless and easy-to-use.

smart floor monitoring system Top 3 New Innovative Products for Patient Care

Now imagine a care facility that has all three of these technologies installed and operating at the hands of trained personnel. The result would be reduced time spent doing unnecessary tasks, improved patient comfort, and more efficient patient care overall. These powerful tools make lives better and give healthcare workers more of their time back.

To learn more about the smart floor monitoring system or either of the other innovative products for patient care listed here, contact HLS Healthcare. Let us help make your life easier by addressing your unique patient care needs and matching them with the best, most advanced patient care furniture and accessories available today. Our team is standing by and ready to assist you. Call us directly on 1300 931 893.