Innovation In The Rehabilitation Space – the new Trainer Module

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Guldmann have long been renowned for the highest quality ceiling lifting hoists, with the product portfolio have a significant presence all around the world.

The GH3+ continues to be the gold standard in fixed ceiling hoists – with standard features such as constant inline charging, simple to use interface and a 20,000 lift lifecycle. There is also the unique optional extras of inbuilt weigh scales and CareLift Management Software. But it is a new ‘Trainer Module’ feature that has the rehabilitation sector talking.

Using a ceiling hoist is not a new concept when conducting patient gait training. It continues to be an important safety feature for patients and therapists alike. Can you imagine the injuries that could be potentially sustained from a falling patient? The new ‘Trainer Module’ takes rehabilitation one step further. The therapist is now able to apply up to 100kg of dynamic mobility support, so they can progressively modify assisted exercise activities as the patient’s ability improves. Within this feature, the lifting strap will automatically adjust up and down as the patient moves. Early mobilisation is quite often the key to rehabilitation and recovery, and patients are now able to safely move sooner than ever before.

The standard features still remain – the therapist is still able to conduct basic lifting and transferring. But when the ‘Trainer Module’ is activated, a whole new range of rehabilitation is opened up:

  • Improved gait training – the auto-adjusting lifting strap will better reflect the natural pattern of human movement
  • Steps
  • Squats and lunges
  • Sit to stand
  • Standing balance – including weight shifting, single leg stance etc..

The ‘Trainer Module’ is perfectly coupled with the ‘Positioning Lock’. The positioning lock enables the therapist to lock the hoist (and H-track if it’s in place) into the position of their choice. The hoist can now be taken anywhere in the room to apply these dynamic exercises without the hindrance of unwanted movements. The rehabilitation space has been asking for more time to care – the answer has now arrived.

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Post by Luke Gartner