VENDLET Bari is an assistive device for moving and handling bariatric patients in bed. The patient turning system relieves the task of turning and repositioning obese clients, while also improving the quality of care, providing a more gentle and comfortable repositioning.

Safe Working Load: 400 kg.

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Product Details

Moving and handling bariatric patients present a great challenge and risk for healthcare workers. However, using the powered patient turning system with a safe working load of 400 kilos (800 pounds), it is possible to turn bariatric clients in bed without added force from the healthcare staff, who are instead turning the client by the press of a button.

Any heavy lifting or strain on staff is eliminated from the moving and handling situation, which makes the care situation manageable and safe for both parties. This means, that the client does not feel like a burden for the staff, meanwhile, the staff can turn and reposition the bariatric client without risk to their health and safety. This ensures more dignified care.

With the patient turning system you can:

  • Turn the bariatric patient from supine to lateral position
  • Move the bariatric client sideways in the bed
  • Move the bariatric client from the bedside and further into the bed
  • Move the bariatric client up in bed
  • Turn a bariatric patient to prone position
  • Position a sling on the bariatric client

Turning While The Backrest is Elevated

For many obese patients, it is uncomfortable to lie in the supine position because it blocks the airways making it harder to breathe. However, using the patient turning aid, it is possible to turn the patient while the backrest is elevated. This makes for a more comfortable experience for the bariatric patient that maintains their normal respiratory function even when being turned or repositioned.

Adjustable Speed

When using the patient turning system, VENDLET Bari, it is possible to adjust the speed of the system to suit the client and the healthcare worker’s needs. The system can run at normal, medium, or slow speed. The latter can be beneficial for both client and staff as there is plenty of time to gently reposition the fatty tissue.

How it Works

The bariatric patient turning aid consists of two motorized bars that are mounted on each side of the bed and are operated by hand control. To turn a bariatric client from supine to side-lying position, simply raise one bar and tighten the sheet. As the system turns the client, gently position their arms and legs as needed.


  • Moving and handling bariatric patients without risk to healthcare workers safety
  • Possible to turn the patient without lowering the backrest
  • A calm and controlled transfer of the obese patient
  • A more gentle and calm care
  • More energy and time to perform other care tasks


Heavily obese or bariatric patients who need any sort of assistance with moving or turning in bed, or who receive any type of care while they are in bed

Build-in Side Rail

When the bars are left up, the VENDLET Bari patient turning system functions as a build-in bed rail, which has been tested and approved by an independent test institute (TÜV).

Whether to leave the bed rail up or down is up to a clinical evaluation of the client’s needs.

Areas of Use and Mounting

This assistive device for bariatric patients can be mounted on most care beds in hospitals, care homes or nursing homes, and in the client’s own home.


VENDLET Bari is compliant with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017/745) and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC 60601-1-2). The bed rail is tested and approved per ISO 60601-2-52. Sheets for VENDLET are OEKO-TEX certified.

Weight in total 58 kg
Lenght 200 cm
Width7,5 cm on each side of bed
Safe Working Load400 kg
Decibel (max load)65 db(A)
Expected Service Life10 years
Moving and Handling Patients with VENDLET

VENDLET Bari can be wiped down with a wet cloth and regular cleaning agents or disinfecting fluids. The system is not machine washable. Sheets should be washed as described on the care label.

HLS Healthcare

Safe Patient Handling with VENDLET Bari

Watch how to use VENDLET

  • to turn a client in bed
  • to reposition a client in bed
  • to reposition the client up in the bed


Learn more about practical applications and technical specifications

Product videos
Applying a sling with VENDLET V5S

Turning the client with VENDLET V5S

Mounting sheets on VENDLET V5S

Mounting a turning sheet on VENDLET V5S

Mounting a disposable turning sheet on VENDLET V5S

Mounting a disposable slide sheet on VENDLET V5S

VENDLET V5S as side rail

Prone position with VENDLET V5S

Safe Patient Handling with VENDLET V5S

Mounting a slide sheet on VENDLET V5S

Repositioning the client up in the bed with VENDLET V5S

Changing the sheet on an occupied bed with VENDLET V5S

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