VENDLET Support Rehabilitation Efforts by Letting the Patient Access the Operating System

As you probably know, we have always recommended that the bedridden client does not operate the VENDLET system on their own. We have taken this precaution out of concerns for safety.

However, we have now reevaluated this recommendation with regards to the newest model of our electrical turning system, VENDLET V5S, which is so safe to operate, that some clients can benefit from operating the system themselves.

Before the client operates the VENDLET V5S system themselves it is, however necessary to conduct a risk assessment of the individual client. This should evaluate whether or not the client has the ability to understand the system and if he or she can comprehend the consequences of pressing the buttons on the hand control. Besides the cognitive abilities, the client must naturally also have the physical strength to operate the hand control.

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Increased independence

If the client has the sufficient cognitive and physical resources, they can get a feeling of satisfaction and independence from being able to operate the system themselves.

It is also possible that the client can get a sense of increased comfort and independence from being able to position themselves as much as they want.

Rehabilitating therapy

Even in those situations, where the client does not have the sufficient resources to operate the VENDLET system completely independently, the client can still benefit from taking part in the moving and repositioning processes.

For instance, if the client is capable of operating the hand control, the therapist or caregiver can guide the client’s arms or legs during the transfer. It can have a rehabilitating effect for the client to be challenged in this way.

If the client has the physical resources to contribute to the transfer this can also be further supplemented with manual repositioning aids. This could for instance be aids that reduce friction such as handles or grips, as are available in the Vendlet MANULET series.

Work health & safety

At some institutions, the VENDLET system is only used for clients that are completely immobile and manual aids are preferred for clients that still have some resources.

This can have negative consequences for the healthcare staff. All experience and research show that the physical strain on neck, shoulders and back are higher than recommended when using manual moving and handling aids. To ensure a good work environment for you and your colleagues, it is important to use mechanic aids whenever possible – also for those clients that are more mobile and have some resources.

Always remember, that the client’s functional level can vary during the day. Therefore, it can also be necessary to use some aids during the daytime and other aids during nighttime.

To find out more about how to utilise the VENDLET system in your individual circumstances our support team at HLS healthcare are on hand to answer any questions 1300 931 893.